A new phase of piano history has begun

Granfeel finally realizes “the touch” of grand pianos on upright pianos.
World’s first upright pianos with ability like grand pianos!
Now we get the grand touch on upright pianos.


Backstop system
Granfeel piano realizes smooth touches like a grand piano. Furthermore Backstop system option offers more clear and lively feelings by using the finely-grooved catches.

Una Corda Pedal
Never changes touches and position of keys. Just by pedaling, it enables soft and rich tone.

Mr. Yukimitsu FUJII, inventor of Granfeel
For players who love pianos and children, the pianists of the future.
Every Granfeel action assembly is produced one by one delicately with hands of the Master of piano, Mr. Yukimitsu FUJII.

Product information

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Beautiful pianissimo to dynamic fortissimo,Granfeel extend your range of expression.


Mission and Passion of the Piano master, it leads the innovative technique. Best solution to enhance your play on upright pianos.




Granfeel is revolutionary invention to overcome the difficulties of playing on upright pianos. It realizes almost the same touch as Grand pianos and helps you to learn natural playing.


Ms. Nohara has a reputation for clear sounds and dynamic playing was awarded the 2nd prize in the Budapest Liszt International Competition, and the first Japanese that won the 1st prize in France’s prestigious Long-Thibaud international Competition in 1991. She was praised by chief judge Lorin Maazel, and has performed with the Philharmonic Orchestra, the Pittsburg Symphony Orchestra. In japan she is much in in demand, and has collaborated with Seiji OZAWA, the New Japan Philharmonic Orchestra and many regional orchestras. She is also active in solo recital work. The complete solo piano works of Maurice Ravel in 2001 is one of her highlights. Recently she has engaged Schubert aggressively, and this opens a new phase of her career.


Piano Technicians guild RPT, Concert Tuner

Takahiro NATORI

The Repeated touch in pianissimo on Grand pianos was realized with invention by Erard in 1821.
We finally got the same mechanism on upright pianos by Granfeel.


Mr. Natori started the career as a research student of TOYO Piano in Hamamatsu, Japan. Then he has been to Germany and mastered the skill of making keyboard instruments, improved the technique in Germany, Switzerland and Austria for 5 years. Now he works restoring and tuning pianos for families and artists includes from overseas. A standing committee of Japan Piano Technicians Association, RPT certificated member of American Technicians Guild, the first Japanese resident in Japan. He also works with Pianist Ms. Yukie NISHIMURA for the project “Smile Piano 500” to assist the Tohoku area affected by the earthquake in 2011.


More expressive

How much does it need a return of key to generate a next note?

Enables Repeated Touch

Smooth trill and repeated touch in pianissimo

More Expressive

Free and Easy Key Control. Comparison of the Weights.

Higher Quality of Sound

Powerful, Gorgeous and Splendid Sound.


Patented in Japan

Mar 2010

Trademark in Japan

Apr 2012

Patented in China

Jul 2013

Trademark in China

Feb 2013

Patented in the US

Sep 2013

Trademark in the US

Nov 2012

Patented in Hongkong

Jul 2010

Trademark in EU

Sep 2012

The Japan Society for the Advancement of Inventions President Award

Mar 2014

Prime Minister's Award

Nov 2015

Vibrant Small and Medium Enterprises 300

May 2016




The specialist of piano tuning


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